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Announcing the Ad-In Academy at Georgetown Prep Tennis Club









The Ad-In Academy is a total adult tennis experience for all levels of play.  It incorporates private and group lessons, round robin play, weekly classes, programs and clinics consisting of instruction, match play and fast paced drills. 

The academy also offers players the ability to compete on club sponsored teams and leagues.  Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, we have the capability to cater to your individual needs.  Ad–In Academy players will benefit from the Premium membership for its lesson and program discounts.  


Beginning this indoor season, we are excited to introduce a “color-coded” class rating system that will streamline classes and programs by skill sets, to accommodate all levels of play.  We have chosen to use a color-coded system that has nothing to do with NTRP ratings, but with specific playing skills used while on the court. 

When participating in our programs and classes, you can feel confident that you will be with players of a similar skill set.  

When registering for any of our classes, determine which level best suits your particular skills as defined by the chart below.  Feel free to ask the professional staff for advice on placement.  If a certain “color” class is not appropriate, the staff will explain what areas need improvement, giving you specific goals to work on to advance to the next level.


*Remember, if you sign up for a class, without checking first, you may be asked to move to a more appropriate class. If a certain“color” class is not appropriate, the staff will explain what needs improvement, giving you specific goals to work on to advance to the next level. This “goal setting” is important to the learning process.



AD-IN Adult Tennis Academy introduces the

Grand Slam Rewards Program:

We are excited to detail the rewards program for frequent users of the AD-IN Academy.  The program is designed to reward those adult players that are using the club for private lessons, classes, team practices, mini-clinics.  We want to say thank you and want to be sure that you know how greatly we appreciate you and your patronage. 


When an adult student spends $1400 or more on any combination of the above-stated offerings during any fiscal quarter, the student will receive a credit to their account, valued at 10% of the money spent the previous quarter.  This credit can be used, the following quarter, on any of the classes/lessons/programs offered at the club.  The credit will be on the account within 10 days of the start of the new quarter.   This program has already started.  Money spent starting July 1st goes towards reaching the goal for this quarter. 


  • -Must be a Premium Member

  • -Membership, court time, pro shop and guest fee purchases are NOT part of the $1400

  • -Bonus credit MUST be used in the quarter following earning period

    • Quarter 1 (Jan 1- March 31)

    • Quarter 2 (April 1 -June 30)

    • Quarter 3 (July 1 – Sept 30)

    • Quarter 4 (Oct 1 – Dec 30)

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