Adult Advanced Beginner/Adult Intermediate

SUNDAYS 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

This class is designed for the player who has gone over the basics and is looking for an opportunity to practice. Throughout this class, a gradual transition to more rallying and game situations will be introduced. This is a great way to get some exercise and make you feel more comfortable on the tennis court. This class is priced differently for members and non-members. Members save $14 per day of play.

To accommodate everyone's busy schedule players register for a session and then have some flexibility about which days to play.

Member and non-members rates listed below.


  • For Session 1, choose 5 out of 6 weeks (Sept 26-Oct 31)

    • ($210/$280)​

  • For Session 2, choose 5 out of 6 weeks (Nov 7-Dec 19, no play Nov 28)

    • ($210/$280)​

  • For Session 3, choose 7 out of 8 weeks (Jan 9-Feb 27)

    • ($294/$392)​

  • For Session 4, choose 5 out of 6 weeks (Mar 6-Apr 10)

    • ($210/$280)​

  • For Session 5, play is all five weeks.       (Apr 24-May 22)

    • ($210/$280)​

Why am I seeing                          when I try to register?

The "Sign Up" button changes to "Call" when the session is full. Please call us and we can add you to the waitlist.