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Ad-In Adult Intermediate
Class Rating: YELLOW

SUNDAYS 2:30-4:00 p.m.


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This class is for the adult intermediate player and designed to improve technique and point play. Play and drills are in doubles format. Players should be able to sustain a rally, be comfortable with a certain amount of pace and have some volley skills. This class is priced differently for members and non-members. Premium Members save $15 per day of play.

To accommodate everyone's busy schedule players register for a session and then have some flexibility about which days to play.

Premium Member/Contract Member and non-members rates listed below


  • For Session 1, choose 7 out of 8 weeks (Sept 11-Oct 30)

    • ($378/$483)​

  • For Session 2, choose 5 out of 6 weeks (Nov 6-Dec 18, no play Nov 27)

    • ($270/$345)​

  • For Session 3, choose 5 out of 6 weeks (Jan 8-Feb 12)

    • ($270/$345)​

  • For Session 4, choose 6 out of 7 weeks (Feb 19-Apr 2)

    • ($324/$414)​

  • For Session 5, choose 5 out of 6 weeks. (Apr 16-May 21)

    • ($270/$345)​

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