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2023-2024 Fall/Winter/Spring

Class Title

Class Rating: Color
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Day of Week Start am - End pm

Registration for all sessions opens August 14!

Our beginner tennis class is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of the game. Our experienced coaches will quickly teach you proper stroke technique and footwork, so that you can be ready for higher level classes. We offer this class at a reduced member rate for new players and accommodate your schedule by allowing you to choose the dates that work best for you.

Tennis Racket

Session 1

Sep X - Oct X

(Choose X of X weeks)


Ball on Tennis Court

Session 4

Mar X - Apr X

(Choose X of X weeks)


Tennis Match

Session 2

Oct X - Dec X

(Choose X of X weeks)


Racket and Ball

Session 5

Apr X - May X

(Choose X of X weeks)


Tennis Serve

Session 3

Jan X - Feb X

(Choose X of X weeks)


The drop-in rate for all sessions is $X

Please note: Classes will not meet Nov 20-26 or Mar 25-31!

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