Members and Guests

2021-2022 Membership Prices (May 16, 2021 - May 15, 2022)

  • $245 for Adults ($175 after January 1)

  • $145 for Juniors   ($100 after January 1)

  • $550 for a Family Membership (parent/parents and minor child/children):  $550

  • $175 for weekday Adult Weekday Educational Membership (AWE).  Discounts apply to classes and lessons Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  No discounts or membership benefits for evenings, weekends or spot time rentals at any time. 

​​2021-2022 Guest Fee/Surcharge (per day):

Adult guest fee $14 

Junior guest fee $10

Full Membership benefits include:


  • Lower prices on lessons, spot time and program fees at all times. 

  • The right to play on contracts as a regular or substitute without paying a guest fee

  • Priority registration to certain programs and classes.  

  • Free play on the hard courts, subject to availability.

  • The option to purchase Live Ball PunchCards -- which allow players to buy a package of Live Ball classes,  register early and get free classes.

  • Early Bird program participation

  • Play on the Ladies' Evening League Team

AWE Membership benefits include:

  • ​Member rates on classes and lessons taken on weekdays before 4 pm.

Guests Fees for non-members are charged

  • As a surcharge on a private lesson 

  • As a surcharge for each day of a program.

  • To non-members playing on as a guest on a contract

  • To non-members playing on hard courts with a member. 

Guest Fees for AWE Members are charged:

  • For evening and weekend classes and lessons

  • For play on contracts

  • For play on the hard courts

  • If any class make-ups are scheduled for evenings and weekends.

Here is a comparison of the two types of adult memberships:

To purchase all full memberships, call the front desk.