Drill and Play
Ages 13 and above or skill level

Prices vary based on number of classes per session. Member and non-members rates listed.

Mondays 4pm-6pm

Session 1--Sept 13-Oct 25 ($462/$532)

Session 2--Nov 1-Dec 20 ($$528/$608)

Session 3--Jan 3-Feb 7 ($396/$456)

Session 4--Feb 28-Apr 4 ($396/$456)

Session 5--Apr 18-May 23 ($396/456)

Thursdays 4pm-6pm 

Session 1--Sept 9-Oct 28 ($528/$608)

Session 2--Nov 4-Dec 16 ($396/$456)

Session 3--Jan 6-Feb 10 ($396/$456)

Session 4--Mar 3- Apr 7 ($396/$456)

Session 5--Apr 21-May 26 ($396/$456)

Saturdays 4:30pm-6:30pm

Session 1--Sept 11-Oct 30 ($528/$608)

Session 2--Nov 6-Dec 18 ($396/$456)

Session 3--Jan 8-Feb 12 ($396/$456)

Session 4--Feb 26-Apr 9 ($462/$532)

Session 5--Apr 23-May 21 ($330/$380)

This program uses the standard green ball. It is designed for the more serious junior player who has experienced some competitive situations but wants to move to a higher level through intensive drilling and match play. Players are usually age 14 and up, but younger players should check with their coach to see if the class is a fit. Classes meet for 2 hours.


Why am I seeing                          when I try to register?

The "Sign Up" button changes to "Call" when the session is full. Please call us and we can add you to the waitlist. 

Junior programs will not meet during the Thanksgiving break (Nov. 24-28)

and Holiday break (Dec. 23-Jan. 2)