Mid-Atlantic Tennis Academy (MATA)
Advanced Juniors by Try-Out Only 

Prices vary based on number of classes per session

Member and non-member rates listed

Mondays 4pm-6pm

Session 1--Sept 13-Oct 25 ($462-$532)

Session 2-Nov 1-Dec 20 ($528/$608)

Session 3--Jan 3-Feb 7 ($396/$456)

Session 4--Feb 28-Apr 4 ($396/$456)

Session 5--Apr 18-May 23 ($396/$456)

Wednesdays 4pm-6pm

Session 1--Sept 8-Oct 27 ($528/$608)

Session 2--Nov 3-Dec 23 ($462/$532)

Session 3--Jan 5-Feb 9 ($396/$456)

Session 4--Mar 2-Apr 6 ($396/$456)

Session 5--Apr 20-May 25 ($396/$456

The Mid-Atlantic Tennis Academy (MATA) is an intensive clinic designed for the more serious junior player looking to improve strokes and game strategy skills to maximize their match play results. The classes involve focused drilling combined with competitive point and match play, building confidence and a strong foundation with which to compete. MATA is designed for the entry-level tournament player. The program will focus on advance stroke technique, game strategy, footwork and conditioning. A playing signing up for both classes in a session will see a significant improvement in his/her game.

Enrollment in this class is upon approval of one of our tennis coaches. Last year's players already are authorized to register in the system. New players, please email coach Anthony at akountouris@servicelinetennis.com for approval then call the club to register.