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Keep it Cross Court

Updated: May 13, 2018

From Coach Anthony Kountouris

Being successful in a singles tennis match doesn’t only depend on how good your groundstrokes, your serve, or your volleys are . It is a combination of a lot of things such as technique, tactics, focus, concentration, fitness, and mental toughness.

Here I will give you some very simple tennis tactic that you can use next time you go on court.

Tennis is a game of errors. You are trying to reduce your errors and at the same time get your opponent to make more errors. A simple tactic for executing this is playing 75% of your shots cross court. There are 2 reasons that playing cross court will help you reduce your errors :

1. : The net is lower in middle, and to play cross court the ball must pass from the middle of the net.

2. : The court's length is larger when you play cross court instead of down the line and that will give you more space to play.

There are also 2 reasons why your opponent will make more errors :

1. : Opponent will have to take extra steps to the ball since the ball will go wider. Because they have to move further to hit the ball, there is a greater chance that they will set up for the shot incorrectly.

2. : At the same time you are leaving no open spaces on your court for your opponents to make you run. If they play cross court you are right there, if they play down the line, you are only a few steps away. This will make your opponent risk more and make more errors.

I hope you enjoyed my tip today, any question you have got please don’t hesitate to email me at

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