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Dunlop Gecko-Tac Overgrips (3 pack)

Available in white or black.






Dunlop iDapt CUSTOM Racquets

The very first of its kind - create your own racquet, choosing your grip, frame specs, and "shock sleeve" to determine the feel of the racquet. Then, one of our pros will quickly assemble your custom frame, built for your playing style and needs! Come in today and try one out.



Yonex EZone/V-Core Series Racquets

Now available in a variety of frames - please contact Danny Cheng ( or Anne Smudz ( for questions or to schedule a racquet fitting. 

Gamma Overgrips (Single pack)

Available in white, pink, or black for one-time use.




Gamma Buzzkill Vibration Dampeners (Single pack)

Put on your strings to help reduce arm pain that may result from vibration/shock from ball to racquet contact. 






Thorlos Socks

In case you need an extra pair or forget to bring some to play in! Available in a variety of child and adult sizes. 






Dunlop Replacement Grips (Single pack)

Available in white or black. 


In two varieties: 


Gecko Tac (Tacky, sticky feel)


Viper Dry (Dry, smooth feel)




Junior Racquets

Available in all lengths/sizes for our junior players in a variety of fun colors, from Head and Dunlop.



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