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Which String should I use ? We stock a variety of Babolat string types 

Babolat RPM Blast






Firm and durable co-poly is very, very spin friendly. The slick surface of RPM Blast allows the main strings to slide out of alignment, grab the ball and then snap back to add spin to the shot. While all co-poly monofilaments do this to some extent, our lab tests confirm that RPM Blast is exceptional in this regard.

Feels like Luxilon 4G

$42 plus tax

Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 

Is big on control and spin. It's also quite firm, so we think it works best for intermediate to advanced baseliners with long, fast strokes. String breakers take note: this one offers excellent durability. The octagonal profile gives Pro Hurricane Tour great bite, while the coating allows the strings to snap back with greater force.

Feels like Yonex Tour Pro 

$40 plus tax




Babolat Xcel 

Offering an almost unmatched combination of comfort, touch and feel this newer version of XCel adds a durability upgrade to Babolat's time-tested original recipe. 

Similar to Gamma profesional and Wilson NXT

$47 plus tax



Babolat Addiction 


Babolat offers the perfect string for the tennis addict. This is Babolat's slightly firmer and more durable multifilament counterpart to XCel. Addiction is a nice choice for the player looking for power, comfort, and feel. 

Similar to Wilson Sensation and Gamma TNT

$40 plus tax



Babolat Synthetic Gut


The perfect option for the player who wants great all around playability. In addition to its comfortably crisp feel, this synthetic gut offers a nice balance of comfort, power, durability and spin.

$32 plus tax

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